Commitment to our Children

Besides following our promises to you and ensuring we emulate our vision, mission and values daily, there are a number of commitments that we will make to your child throughout their time with us.

Settling in

We recommend that your child is introduced to the setting gradually over the course of two free sessions. A named key worker will be dedicated to your child during their time with us and you’re welcome to stay and settle your child for as long as you feel is necessary. We are happy to support you with this and make recommendations.

Nappies and wipes

We welcome families to supply their own choice of nappies and wipes with their children when they attend nursery, however we are able to supply them for you included in their sessional fee.


Our nurseries provide the option of SMA, Cow & gate or Aptamil formula for babies up to the age of 12 months. Following this age, the nurseries provide full fat milk up to 2 years old and semi skimmed milk for children over the age of 2. 

We are happy to accept expressed breast milk to feed babies under the age of 12 months, which must be provided in sterilised and labelled bottles.

Medical conditions

We rely on families to make us aware of any medical conditions that a child has or develops during their time with us. We take allergies extremely seriously as well as conditions such as asthma. We will work with you to administer relevant treatment during the course of their time with us. A medicine form will need to be completed with written consent from the family member.

Sickness and emergency treatment

We kindly request that your child not attend nursery if they are feeling unwell or have an infectious disease. This is for their own health and welfare as well as that of the other children in the setting and our team members. Should your child become ill during the course of their session, you will be contacted to collect them.

In the case of an emergency, you will be contacted as soon as possible and it might involve taking your child from the setting to seek urgent medical attention.


The following meals are provided to your child at our nurseries, depending on their session times:

Menus are displayed in the nurseries and are all healthy and nutritious. We should be informed of dietary requirements before your child starts so they can be followed. For further details on our menus, food and drink, click here.

Child protection

You should be aware that the nursery has a responsibility to take reasonable action to ensure the welfare and safety of its children. In cases where the nursery staff have a cause to be concerned that a child in their care may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, staff will follow Fun Foundation’s Child Protection Procedures and inform the Social Services.

Child behaviour

We concentrate on encouraging good behaviour. We reward positive behaviour rather than concentrating on any negative aspects. The use of positive sticker rewards are implemented in all rooms.


As part of our promises to you, communication is key for a wonderful, long-term relationship between the team and our families. We also have a suggestion box at the nurseries if you’d like to share feedback or ideas anonymously.