Food and Drink

We aim to provide a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet. This also has to be appealing to the children in order to encourage them to try new foods and eat their meals!

Susan, the Nursery Cook, has achieved this with the creation of a four-week, seasonal menu. The children have had an input with the menu through helping the team plant the vegetable and herb gardens and collecting produce to take to the kitchen to cook.

We have found that this gives them ‘ownership’ of their food and encourages them to taste the variety of dishes that Susan creates.

All of our bread, pastries and cakes are freshly baked daily by Susan and the children are frequently involved in the mixing and making of what we eat.

Meal-times are a relaxed and enjoyable event; we help to encourage eating skills such as sitting at the table with a plate, knife, fork and spoon and often the staff will sit with the children to eat their lunch to model these skills.

Susan is available at all times to consult with parents about meal times and will provide recipes on request.

The green options on the menu are the vegetarian choice for the day. Water is served with all meals and is independently accessible to the children throughout the day. Milk Time is at 2 o’clock; full-cream is served to the 1-2 years and semi-skimmed is served to the over two’s. A fruit bowl choice is available daily to all children as an alternative to the listed dessert. This includes: